About Armadale & Proud

We in the Armadale electorate have continued to act with common sense and mutual respect to protect our neighbours and extended community.  Our local tradition of looking out for each other comes as no surprise to me. It is what I have repeatedly experienced whilst living in Armadale for most of my life. We have a strong sense of community and mateship here. 

I am very proud of our community and I am sure you share my disappointment when we see Armadale unfairly misrepresented in the media.

While we have a great sense of humour here in Armadale and can enjoy jovial banter, the constant degrading of our community and place is tiresome and misplaced.

To address the negative perception, I have sponsored a facebook page, Website, and designed and purchased 200 Armadale & Proud t-shirts to give away.

You are invited to post your good news stories on the facebook page @armadaleandproud  to shine a light on why Armadale is such a great place to live.

Please share your stories about individuals or groups in the Armadale area who are deserving of recognition and make us all proud. They can be neighbours, teachers, sports coaches, police officers – anyone you think earns the status of Local Legend.